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Design and Generate thousands of certifiate in one click

  • Design a certificate using built in templates or upload your designed template
  • Send mass email to thousands of participants using EXCEL or CSV

Online Assessments,Survey,Quiz and many more

  • Create Quiz/Assessments for your students
  • Distriubute using link share
  • Automatic exam script evaluation
  • Auto email marks/certificates after the quiz
  • Bot Invigilator System: Time Count, Other tab open monitoring

Learn from thousands of FREE courses or Submit your own course and earn money

As a Learner
  • Watch Tutorials for free always
  • Only pay for taking assessments
As a Teacher
  • Upload Courses,Tutorials
  • Create and take assessments
  • Earn when participants take assessments

Certificate distribution made simpler

Distribute certificates to your hundreads of audience in seconds.

Who is it for?

  • Event management company
  • University Clubs,College Clubs, School Clubs
  • Corporate Training Organizers
  • Facebook, youtube webinar creators
  • Any individual or organization

Certification System

QR Code Verification System All Certificates can be uniquely identified by a QR code.
Digital Storage for certificates Certificates are stored digitally in our servers for free. So you can you the link in your portfolio
Quick and Easy Creation Certificates can be created online with our editor and Sent to all participants via auto email system (Import form Excel,CSV).

Learning Platform

Forever Free Courses Learning sould be always free. All of the courses will be availabe for free forever. Only pay for assessment or certification
Quiz,Exams,Assessment Along with Courses you can create or take part in assessments and get certified
Advanced Assessment Features Participants focus monitoring, Exam time monitoring, Partial marking feature and many more

App Development

Mobile application development is the process of creating apps that run on any mobile platform: Android and iOS. With everything you need right at your fingertips, you can track inventory or make instant updates from your phone.

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